Okt 08

Patch 1.8.1


dayz_friendsNachdem nun mit einem schnellen Hotfix nachgebessert werden musste (kein Loot war auf der Oberfläche sichtbar) wird auch schon am nächsten Patch gearbeitet. Viele interessante Funktionen sind angedacht wie dem aktuellen Changelog zu entnehmen ist.



* [NEW] – Nutrition system for all food types.

* [NEW] – Hunger and Thirst is now based on the new nutrition system.

* [NEW] – Mechanic – Salvage Parts from Vehicles (Players with a toolbox can now remove undamaged parts from vehicles in world)

* [NEW] – Storage – DomeTent has now been added.


* [FIXED] – Infected Camps no longer repeatedly spawn infected.

* [FIXED] – Infected Camps Loot updated to be more in line with crash sites.


* [UPDATED] – Thirst and hunger updated to no longer be a instant fill on eating/drinking.

* [UPDATED] – Melee weapons updated Range and shot count.


Remember this is a development change log.


To be done.

Bloodbags removed from hospitals and replaced with self bloodbag parts.

Cardbox box’s for medical systems to be updated to a new model.

Self bloodbag system to be added. (blood must be drawn from player before hand see 1).

New crafting recipes to be added.

New plant systems to be added.

Nutrition systems needs calories updating for every food item.

Melee weapon fire to be updated from a single shot to a small burst. (see how it plays and looks).

Make loot bias changeable option within the mission file for private server admins.

Load journal with all config options for easy player view of server settings. (Spawnselection,Lootbias).

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