Dez 13

Dayz Epoch Patch ist live.

Im laufe des Tages wird der Patch für Epoch ausgerollt. Diesen solltet ihr dann im DayZCommander finden. Der Server wird heute zu 17 Uhr umgestellt wenn ich alle Scipte wieder zum laufen bekomme. Hier das aktuelle Changelog:

  • [ADDED] Proper mission file support and bikeys for SMD Sara A2 http://forums.bistud…Initial-Release
  • [ADDED] In game clarification on modular removal: you cannot delete locked doors, you must remove the lock first. @dayz10k
  • [ADDED] Added updated setDamage exception to battleye scripts.txt. @vbawol
  • [ADDED] Built in antihack enabled by default via mission init.sqf. @facoptre
  • [ADDED] Added Czech localization Credits: GeodarCZ, Brovns, Doomscythe
  • [ADDED] DZE_requireplot override variable added. DZE_requireplot = 0; in init.sqf disables plot pole requirement to build. @vbawol
  • [ADDED] Bell 47/H-13 Helicopter by hcpookie http://www.armaholic…ge.php?id=22143
  • [FIXED] Incorporated DayZ CE skin changing routines for melee weapons and add back actions after skin changes. @dayz10k
  • [FIXED] Proper stringtables (options) on SkinBase craftables (bandages, canvas) @dayz10k
  • [FIXED] Optimized RoadFlare/chemlight JIP code to use only one allMissionObjects call instead of two. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] dayz_minpos was incorrectly set to 0 for chernarus and should have been -1 or less. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Fixed some typos in Sahrani mission files. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Removed radar from GAZ Vodnik. @dayz10k
  • [FIXED] Incorrect call compile paths for tavi traders.
  • [FIXED] Armored SUV DZ had incorrect max weapon count. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Fixed two createvehicle calls for weapon spawn_loot. @Torndeco
  • [FIXED] Building count limiter was using wrong position command now uses correct one. @vbawol
  • [FIXED] Fire requirement for crafting can now be used off the ground without issues. @vbawol
  • [CHANGED] setdamage.txt fixes for hatched/chainsaw – scripts.txt and publicVariable.txt updated. @infiSTAR
  • [CHANGED] Increased chances for silver and gold mine veins.@vbawol
  • [CHANGED] Lower plank pack spawn chance raise sledge handle and fishing pole chances in farm spawns. @vbawol
  • [CHANGED] Must drop backpack or filled chainsaw before you can change clothes. @vbawol
  • [CHANGED] Removed 10m check for nearby players when changing clothes. @vbawol
  • [CHANGED] Null cleanup was not working as intended disabled by default needs further testing. @vbawol
  • [CHANGED] Lower zombie attack range and made static at 2.5m. @vbawol
  • [CHANGED] Restructured server files. @vbawol
  • [INFO] Models/textures by Paul Tomany. @Sequisha.
  • [INFO] Special thanks to for hosting our development server.
  • [REMOVED] Many unneeded diag_log calls removed.

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