Epoch Changelog 1.0.4

    Epoch Changelog 1.0.4

    Patch 1.0.4:

    [NEW] Napf Island v0.99 with permission from #momo# now included by default. forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?136469-Napf-Island-beta\
    [NEW-WIP] Sauerland Map v1.7.00.2 with permission from falconsan now included by default. github.com/falconsan/DayZ_Saue…blob/master/changelog.txt - s6computer.de/

    [NEW] Optimized Server/Client Communication with PVS+PVC methods from DayZ Mod 1.8. @Skaronator
    [NEW] Modular building spawning now ahead on server start, vehicles spawning after it. @Skaronator @zabn
    [NEW] Maintain Area should work now much better. The Server update the Object itself and doesnt remove and rebuild it anymore. @Skaronator
    [NEW] Updated Hive Dll to latest from rajkosto and added custom child 396 and 397 call to update the datestamp of base objects. *See notes below! @Tansien @vbawol
    [NEW] Trading now makes change and auto combines into the highest denomination. @vbawol

    [ADDED] Cars, small Trucks, and Boats now able to be lifting with Chinooks only. Lifted vehicle must be unlocked and unmanned. Enabled by default use DZE_HeliLift = false; in init.sqf to disable. @Zabn @vbawol
    [ADDED] 40% chance to payout a single gem on removal of mine ruins. @vbawol
    [ADDED] M107_DZ to Military, MilitarySpecial, IndustrialMilitary and Helicrash loottable. @Sequisha
    [ADDED] MAAWS (rocket launcher) to Helicrash loottable. @Sequisha
    [ADDED] New enterable building added for Chernarus and other maps. @Sequisha
    [ADDED] Allow Admins To Customize Loot Spawn Timer using DZE_LootSpawnTimer via init.sqf. Default: 10 @SGanthony
    [ADDED] Provide option to have loot tables loaded from mission file. DZE_MissionLootTable = true; will look for loot configs via missionConfigFile. @vbawol
    [ADDED] Added Craftable/Buildable Wood Crate Storage. Recipe 6 x PartWoodLumber = ItemWoodCrateKit. @Mochnant
    [ADDED] BAF_Merlin_DZE - transportMaxWeapons 15, transportMaxMagazines 150, transportmaxbackpacks 5. @Skaronator
    [ADDED] Added back BAF_AS50_scoped_DZ configs, still not on traders or loot tables. @vbawol
    [ADDED] Placing a plot pole now creates a preview of the "safe" build area protected by the plot pole. This is only viewable
    by the plot owner, will disappear upon logout, and is only re-creatable by re-placing the plot pole. @dayz10k @vos
    [ADDED] Global variable to allow building on roads with DZE_BuildOnRoads = true; (Default: DZE_BuildOnRoads = false;) @dayz10k
    [ADDED] Global variable to set plot pole radius and exclusion zone, enabled via mission file. DZE_PlotPole = [x,y] in the mission file controls the [Radius, Exclusion zone].
    Default: DZE_PlotPole = [30,45]. @dayz10k @Skaronator
    [ADDED] Global variable to disable Player Zombies with DZE_PlayerZed = false; (Default: DZE_PlayerZed = true;) @Skaronator

    [FIXED] Anti-Teleport Log System. @Skaronator
    [FIXED] Wrong German translations. @Fank
    [FIXED] Fix medical actions in vehicles. @icomrade
    [FIXED] Wrong KSVK class spawning on mass graves. @Skaronator via MGT
    [FIXED] Armor value for RBWheel on SUV was lower than it should have been. @SGanthony
    [FIXED] Fixed issues with losing weapons when on graves @vbawol - epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/…092-player-grave/?p=33281
    [FIXED] More Localization (translations). @dayz10k, @VeryBigBro (Russian), @JoSchaap (Dutch), @Geodar (Czech), @krazey (German)
    [FIXED] Fixed incorrect spelling of chainsaw name was horlite needed to be hermlite. @vbawol
    [FIXED] Remove nearest tranktrap via toolbox not working properly. @dayz10k
    [FIXED] Lingor trader spawn. @dayz10k @sekra
    [FIXED] Disappearing of Vault while unlocking. (Need Feedback!) @Skaronator
    [FIXED] Wrong include in the CfgMagazine file. @Skaronator
    [FIXED] Crafting a wooden garage door no longer says "Build Fire". @dayz10k
    [FIXED] You will no longer get a 3 by 3H - barrier cube if you remove a 5H - barrier cube @Skaronator
    [FIXED] BattlEye kicks for some players on death. @Skaronator

    [CHANGED] Changed currency conversion rates to multiples of 10. @vbawol
    [CHANGED] Drastically increased base building armor levels. Doors now have much higher armor than walls. @vbawol
    [CHANGED] Extended Trader logging and fix for sold itemnames @ctc.Sebi
    [CHANGED] Balance Loot table. @Sequisha
    [CHANGED] Lowered Safe weapon storage count to 25, to address reports of more safe inventory issues after it was raised to 50. @vbawol
    [CHANGED] Prices were reviewed and modified for many of the higher tiered weapons/ammo/vehicles/food. @dayz10k
    [CHANGED] All copper prices have been changed to 2 silver to buy, 1 silver to sell. @dayz10k
    [CHANGED] Radius check for Remove Nearest Camo Net (from 10m to 3m). @dayz10k
    [CHANGED] Loot Improvements (Based on the Feedback of the Skaronator.com Server) @Skaronator

    [REMOVED] Copper is no longer a usable currency. Existing copper will remain in game, but has no current use. @dayz10k

    [SERVER INFO] Updated Hive dll requires DatabaseMySql.dll in arma 2 oa root and visual studio 2013 redistributable x86 installed: microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
    [SERVER INFO] Removed dayz_vb.bikey and dayz.bikey keys and added new version ed dayz_epoch104.bikey key. Thanks to @Tansien for the suggestion. @vbawol
    [SERVER INFO] Also moved external bikeys to sub folder, for best security use only the bikeys for the map your running.
    [SERVER INFO] pook_H13_amphib, GNT_C185F and GNT_C185E causes Server FPS issues and should not be used. github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/969

    [INFO] Models/textures by Paul Tomany. @Sequisha.
    [INFO] Special thanks to bmrf.me/ for hosting our development server.
    All your beanz are belong to us!

    .dp. schrieb:

    [CHANGED] Lowered Safe weapon storage count to 25, to address reports of more safe inventory issues after it was raised to 50. @vbawol

    -> If players have more than 25 weapons in the safe they will spill out on the ground on the first opening of the safe after 1.0.4.

    Das wird ein Spaß! ;)
    All your beanz are belong to us!

    -> Adding the M107_DZ and MAAWS (rocket launcher)
    -> Really? Are they not abit over powered :o
    -> At least we can remove them :) I won't be having them included either
    -> Lets be fair, most people will be running the standard Epoch loot tables.
    -> Its going to be an explosions fest, rockets going off, blowing up bases and choppers falling out of the sky lol

    Ich habe dabei ein ganz schlechtes Gefühl. Willst du die wirklich im Spiel haben Polli?
    All your beanz are belong to us!